Garage Door Repair service San Diego


In Garage Door Repair service San Diego we have several models of tilting garage doors in Alicante. The swinging doors are constituted by a series of leaves and different types of automation mechanisms, thus allowing perfect automation. We can count on several types of automation mechanisms, such as remote control by electronic key or opening and closing by installing a motion sensor. But we could always manufacture a swinging garage door to suit you that best suits your garage so that you can have a much more personalized option.


Another type of door or access gate are the folding gates. This type of fences or gates gives the possibility to access the enclosed area. They even work perfectly as vehicle gates or pedestrian gates. In Garage Door Repair service San Diego we carry out the installation and repair of all types of folding gates in Alicante. The gates are usually equipped with different security elements, such as parachutes and brakes. Also, you can put any hinges, locks or grids. In our budget section, you can find all the contact methods we have at your disposal if you need a budget for folding gates in Alicante.


The automatic tilting doors in Alicante that we offer in Garage Door Repair service San Diego are manufactured according to all current UNE regulations. Normally, this type of folding garage doors is made with two or three metal sheets that move on a series of reinforced lateral guides, allowing the sheets to be slid in an elegant and virtually no noise. These leaves are usually about one-third of the total size for the upper leaf and two thirds for the lower leaf. If you need to install motorized swingarms, we will always install the most suitable motor for proper automation of garage swing doors. Manufacture, assembly or repair of balanced gates of steel cable with the counterweight, pulleys, springs, anti-fall system and engine in Alicante.

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